Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Advocates for Honesty and Accountability from Nursing Homes

After a hospitalization, seniors are often in a fragile and deconditioned condition. Our loved ones may require strengthening and rehabilitation before it is safe for them to return to their home. It may become necessary to entrust your loved one’s care to a nursing home. Placing a loved one in a nursing home is never an easy decision. Nursing homes promise to provide the care to get our loved ones back on their feet; and to protect them from avoidable injuries.

Unfortunately, nursing homes often cut corners to save money. They do this at the expense of our loved one’s safety. This culture can create dangerous situations that result in abuse and neglect. Our loved ones have the right to be treated with dignity by the staff at the nursing home. We all have the right to expect our vulnerable loved one will not suffer avoidable injuries. The conduct that allows for these injuries is outrageous. Many times, these avoidable injuries cause so much additional harm that it becomes impossible for our loved ones to ever return home.

There are many types of nursing home abuse and neglect, including:

  • Preventable Bedsores, Pressure Ulcers, Decubitus Ulcers
  • Preventable Falls causing Fracture and Brain Injury
  • Physical and Verbal Abuse by Staff or Residents
  • Sexual Assault
  • Lack of Supervision – Elopement and Wandering
  • Failure to Identify Serious Medical Problems
  • Failure to Care for Serious Medical Problems
  • Failure to Follow State and Federal Nursing Home Laws
  • Preventable Infections – Sepsis, E. Coli, C. Diff.
  • Failure to Monitor and Administer Medications
  • Failure to Provide Adequate Nutrition and Hydration
  • Failure to Provide Treatment Ordered by the Doctor
  • Failure to Communicate with the Family and the Doctor
  • 14. Failure to Transport to Hospital in a Timely Manner

Call us for a free conversation before there is any type of injury to discuss way to increase the chances your love one will not suffer an injury at a nursing home.

In the event there is already a problem, the attorneys at Bernetich, Hatzell & Pascu will help you stand up for victims of nursing home abuse and neglect. If the nursing home broke their promise and allowed an avoidable injury to occur, we will help see to it that the nursing home is held accountable for their outrageous conduct.